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If you’re a woman looking to lose weight, get in shape, tone your body, get fit for your wedding or just tired of wasting your time in the gym, then I can help you . . . RIGHT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

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Your own personal trainer in Boston

You’re struggling to lose weight and get in shape.

You’ve tried every exercise and machine in the gym, but still no results.

What am I doing wrong?”, you might ask yourself.

Sometimes the problem is that you don’t have the right guidance.  Your training is basically trial and error.

You try this exercise here . . . you try that exercise there, and see which one works better.

Did you ever wonder why celebrities and even top athletes have their own personal trainers?

For example, U.S. Olympic short track speed skater Apolo Ohno, hired a personal trainer to live with him full time when he was training for the winter Olympics.

Top athletes and celebrities know that if you want results you have to hire an expert in that field. That’s means hiring a personal trainer who will literally hold your hand and through their expertise select the best proven exercise programs that will help you achieve your particular fitness goal. All the person needs to do is show up and follow the program.

With a personal trainer you can’t goof off like you might normally do in a gym . . . with a personal trainer you are accountable . . . training becomes serious stuff.

It’s time to get yourself a personal trainer and start seeing results.


What our satisfied customers are saying:

Lauren got into shape for her wedding


“I came to Aimee about 6 months before my wedding because I was feeling awfully self-conscious about the lack of tone in my arms and my back.

I was determined to change my appearance, but I knew that I lacked the motivation and the knowledge to build tone on my own. Aimee gladly took me under her wing and totally busted my butt! In the sweetest way possible!

I have seen incredible results from our training sessions and Aimee does not hesitate to tell me how proud she is of my progress. Aimee continues to amaze me with her level of professionalism and her good nature.

I truly admire and respect her and would recommend her to any woman looking to gain confidence in their body image..”

Lauren Drake
Artist, Interior Designer
Arlington, MA

Irene achieved her desired weight

Irene“I always wanted to be fit and in a certain weight range according to my height. I tried going to gyms in the past, but I never really saw any results.

Even more disappointing was when I realized I spent almost 2 hours at the gym 5 days a week, working really hard and not seeing any results on loosing weight.

I finally decided to hire a personal trainer and called Nu Shape Personal Training.   I then realized what the missing link was in my training….with Aimee as my personal trainer, I was able to get where I wanted to be.

It was the best decision I have made on this matter. Not only did she select the exercises I needed to do in order to achieve my fitness goal, but she also showed me how to perform the exercises correctly and more efficiently.

She also helped me with my diet. I am really glad I took the step to call a trainer.”

Irene Zubillaga
Graduate student
Boston, MA

Natalie is working on her muscle definition

ShoulderPress2“Aimee creates brilliant individualized workout plans for each client that are fun and rewarding.

In just a few sessions with Aimee. I could visibly see a difference in my muscle definition, strength, and flexibility.

Aimee is dedicated to helping women improve their overall fitness, become more confident, and lead healthy lives.”

Natalie Stavas
M.D., B.S.N, RN
Boston, MA



Aimee BordaHello, my name is Aimee Pinero Borda, founder of NuShape Personal Training and a personal trainer in Boston.

NuShape Personal Training was established with the goal of helping women of all ages and body shapes get into the best shape possible . . . right in the comfort of their homes.


My story, from struggling to lose weight to becoming a fitness expert


I personally know what it feels like to be out of shape.

Back in my college days, I was overweight and not happy with my self image. I joined a gym, but soon found myself lost in there. With so many exercise machines to choose from and not knowing which exercises to do, I literally felt lost and eventually quit after just three months.

I went back to my life of being overweight and feeling out of shape. . . until one day, a friend of mine introduced me to her personal trainer and my life changed forever.

This personal trainer made me realize that I didn’t need to go to the gym to lose weight or get into shape. In fact, she trained me back then in the comfort of my 400(sq. ft.) studio apartment (let me tell you, that’s really small) with the use of just elastic bands, small dumbbells, a floor mat and exercise ball.

What was most helpful about having my own personal trainer was that I wasn’t wasting any more of my valuable time. Thanks to my personal trainer, I now knew how to achieve my fitness goal.

I can go on forever, so to make this story short, I was so happy with my results that I decided to enter the world of fitness and soon after that became a personal trainer myself. I went even further and later got a degree in physical education and nutrition.

In my life as a professional fitness instructor, I have helped many women lose weight and get into shape. You can be next!


You can achieve your fitness goal with the right fitness coach


You see, with the right personal trainer to guide you and a desire to make a change in your life, you too can also achieve your fitness goal and get the body you desire.


What our satisfied customers are saying:

Sonia found time to get into shape


“I’m a 34 year old mother of twins. I have every desire to work out and get in
shape but with twins, as most of you know, it’s almost impossible to find time.

However, with the help of NuShape Personal Training that changed. Their friendly trainers were able to work around my busy schedule and provide me with an ideal workout.”

Sonia Borda
Stay at home mom
Wakefield, MA

anette“As a school administrator, I didn’t have time to eat during the day, and by the time I got home I was so starved that I devoured anything that I didn’t have to wait for, like chips.Eventually, this cycle cost me 50 pounds of overweight, and by this time I was desperate. A friend of mine told me about Aimee, and I am happy that I listened.

Aimee literally took me by the my hand and set up a training program designed specifically for me.

Not only is Aimee extremely knowledgeable about exercising, but she is also passionate about health and it’s CONTAGIOUS.

Now, I have learned to love myself and show it by eating the right foods and exercising. Thank you, Aimee for giving me my life back!!!”

Rachele P. Reese
School Principle
Phoenix, AZ


Reasons Why Women Don’t Get Results In The Gym


  • Gyms can be boring. Same routines every time.

  • Gyms can be distracting and intimidating. You feel like you are just another body in there. Some women are also intimated by the presence of men in the gym, therefore not being able to focus on their training.

  • Some women just don’t have the time to drive to the gym. Whether you’re a busy business women or a stay at home mom driving to the gym takes time.

  • No guidance, accountability or support. Every one does what they want. Basically your training becomes trial and error.


Trial And Error Route


If time is valuable to you and you’re serious about getting RESULTS, you don’t want to go on the trial and error route like a lot of people do in gyms.

The question you should be asking yourself is: “wouldn’t you rather have a more lean, toned and fit body as soon as possible without having to spend long hours researching and learning the ropes?”

If you answered yes to the above question then the next step is to get yourself a personal trainer.


How Will I Benefit From working With A
Personal Trainer At Home?


The benefits are endless! But here are just a few:

  • flexible schedules
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • motivation
  • accountability
  • record of your workouts and results
  • exercise programs designed specifically for you
  • no need to drive to the gym (more time to work out)


My Programs Are Simple But Effective


person training picture My studies and also being a woman has allowed me to develop a unique awareness of woman’s fitness needs and goals.

As you know women and men are built differently and therefore their exercises and training programs need to be different.

Our personal training programs are designed to get you realistic results with just the use of:

  • elastic bands
  • light kettle-bells
  • light dumbbells
  • light weight bars
  • steps
  • stability ball
  • medicine ball

All of the above are provided by the trainer. All you do is just follow the fitness program and see the inches come off.


What do the workouts consist of?


  • light weight training for upper/lower body. Develop sexy arms, legs, butt and back.
  • body weight exercises, for a more lean, toned and fit body.
  • interval training
  • core training with the use of your body, body bars, bands, kettle bells, medicine balls and dumbbells
  • cardio burning work-outs. Get your heart pumping with your choice of step aerobics or Zumba
  • flexibility exercises
  • and much more!


FREE Trial Session


Try out one class for FREE. Find out for yourself that you don’t need to go to a gym to get into shape. . . that you can make time to get into shape.

There’s no obligation to continue if you think it’s not for you. It’s that easy.

In fact, if after joining, you see no results within 30 days we will refund your money. No questioned asked.





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NuShape Personal Training

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only A Maximum of 20 Clients At A Time Will Be Accepted

Since, I am only one person, I’m limited to training only 20 people at a time.

With that said, the faster you call the better the chances of you getting into one of my personal training sessions. What have you got to lose?

What our satisfied customers are saying:

juanita“Aimee Borda is an outstanding trainer which I have personally experienced. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable but a GREAT motivator as well!! She takes the time to explain what to do and why and she personally takes great pride in seeing your
results!! She is definitely one of the best!”

Juanita Seifert
Flight attendant
Pasadena, MD


glenda“Not only is Aimee an amazing trainer, she is also an amazing person! She takes a personal interest in every client, tailoring each workout to your individual needs to ensure your success. Be sure to ask for the walking lunges with weights…guaranteed to get your booty back into shape!”

Even more disappointing was when I realized I spent almost 2 hours at the gym 5 days a week, working really hard and not seeing any results on loosing weight.

Glenda VanLandingham
Flight attendant
Arlington, VA


martha“What I like most about Aimee is her professionalism.  She is also very knowledgeable about the exercises she teaches. She also poses the enthusiasm, energy and perseverance to want to get you in shape. She makes it fun to workout and when I can’t do another sit up she turns around and says” Come on you can do it”. I absolutely
recommend her.”

Martha Lozada
Stay at home mom
Malden, MA



So Many Obstacles In The Gym


Did you know that going to the gym requires so much energy just to stay focused on your training.

When you go to the gym it’s so easy to procrastinate, to get side tracked and waste that valuable 1 hour you have to work out. There is just so much going on in a gym. So many obstacles between you and your workout. Let me explain.

When I used to go to the gym, I would always bump into a friend of my mine who when she saw me would immediately approached me and want to chat. By the time, we finished our chat, 40 minutes had expired . . . leaving me with only 20 minute to work out. I hated that!

At home, you have no distractions. No one to stop you to chat. Only you and your trainer, who’s job there is to motivate you and guide you towards your goal, which is to lose weight and get into shape.


FREE Trial Session


Call us at 617-304-3903 to take advantage of our FREE trial session at no risk to you. This way you’ll see for your self what I’m talking about, There is no obligation to continue if it’s not for you. It’s that easy.

Take the first step in transforming YOUR body and health.





Call us now and book
your FREE session.

NuShape Personal Training

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only A Maximum of 20 Clients At A Time Will Be Accepted

Since, I am only one person, I’m limited to training only 20 people at a time.

With that said, the faster you call the better the chances of you getting into one of my personal training sessions. What have you got to lose?


What our satisfied customers are saying:

Lilian discovered that it’s never to late to start exercising


“Aimee was willing to give me a chance to get in shape and increase my strength. From the beginning I was impressed with her knowledge, patience, kindness and expertise. Her pleasant personality and encouragement made an incredible experience and the results were rewarding.

I highly recommended the personal trainers at Nu Shape PT.

Lillian Boyle
70 year old, retired senior citizen
Everett, MA


Who said You Can’t Get In Shape In The Comfort Of Your Home?


Have you ever walked inside a gym and been intimidated by the large crowds of muscle bound men and women waiting to use the big sophisticated gym equipment?

Believe it or not, most women have. The fact is that most gyms can be very overwhelming. With so many machines to choose from and so many exercises to do, where do you start?

Or . . .

  • maybe you’re a career woman or stay at home mom with no time to spare to drive to the nearest gym.

  • You’re a future bride who simply wants to look good in her bridal gown.

  • You have an up-coming event(road race, golf tournament, hike, charity event) and you want to get in shape for it.

  • You’re a young lady in your 20’s who wishes to tone her body but with so many exercises to do, where do you to start?

Which ever case best describes you, I can help you.  I can get you the RESULTS you want right in the comfort of your home.

DON’T wait. Start now!

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